Functional Art For Pipe Lovers

The art of pipe carving

At my heart I am an artist. Whether I am training jiu jitsu, walking through the hills with my wife, or carving briar my approach comes not from a place of conquering, but of creativity and risk. I am not overly concerned with winning, but I want to push the limits and see how far I can take it. When I make my pipes however I must always hold the tension of art, the creative pursuit. And craft, the engineering of practicality. This has made my venture into this pastime quite a fun and sometimes difficult one.

My desire is to always create something that is personal, beautiful and engaging of the emotions and identity of the one looking at it or holding it. But my desire in creating a pipe must be to make a perfect smoking machine. These two desires are not usually at war, but they are separate endeavors.

With Rev's Pipes I am trying to tap into a perfect marriage of craft and art, beauty and design. I want to make a sculpture, and a painting and a poem, that is also a machine for smoking pipe tobacco. I want to engage your senses, the way the pipe feels in your hand, the way it speaks to your identity the way it touches emotions. But all the while, you do not even think about these things as they just exist while you puff and ponder.

I hope you enjoy my journey and I hope you will enjoy my pipes.



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